A very dangerous recall you’ll want to be aware of, especially this time of year!

My oldest son is 12 years old, but when he was 8, we had a very scary event happen that I had never experienced before. We were playing outside and he got a bug bite on his foot (he was wearing sandals). He said it stung and itched, but we continued to play.

Within about 5 minutes, his entire body was covered in hives and his face was starting to swell. We rushed him to the hospital and they used an EpiPen on him for the first time. It was scary and a horribly helpless feeling. Luckily, he has never had another allergic reaction and we still don't know what type of bug caused it, but we now have one EpiPen at home and one at school, just in case.

If you or someone you know depends on an EpiPen in case of an emergency allergic reaction, please share this information!

EpiPen announced a recall saying the emergency allergy shots may not work.

They’ve had two reports of it failing. If you’re not familiar, the EpiPen is used to treat allergic reactions to certain food and bug bites.

Mylan, the company that distributes them, didn’t say how many were affected, but they did say that the recall covers 13 lots distributed.

The products can be replaced at no charge by calling 877-650-3494 or emailing customer.service@mylan.com.

It's definitely not something to mess around with or ignore, it's literally life or death for a lot of people!

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