Researchers at Boise State have been asking for opinions on the most important issues facing Idahoans in the coming months, and most say education is a top priority.

Healthcare gets some focus too.  What do you think?

Maybe you got a phone call last month asking for your opinion.

Researchers asked people to rank "the most important issue facing Idaho today, and no other category got more votes than education.  Boise Weekly says the economy came in second, and then health care.  Sixty percent of those surveyed think the state is generally headed in the right direction and just needs a few tweaks.

Most ranked Idaho's education system now as fair.  Many said the state should establish early childhood education programs statewide.  Overall the outlook for the school system was four percent more positive than last year.

For health care, most favored keeping Idaho's insurance exchange going regardless of what happens in Washington this year.  And most would like to keep requiring insurance companies to insure people with pre-existing conditions.

The public policy survey was conducted in December by Boise State University and presented Friday morning at the Idaho Legislature.  So taking that survey last month might really have been worth your time, since those thoughts have made it all the way to the desks of those who have the power to bring change.

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