We hear it all the time, the City of Boise is growing at an incredible speed, and city officials are working to make the City of Trees even better.  The latest way is through a new survey.

You may have heard friends and neighbors discussing it, or perhaps you have been surveyed before, but the city has announced they are again undertaking the biennial citizen survey for some selected residents.  This process occurs every two years.

The purpose is to gain feedback on how the city is handling key issues and get a read on how residents feel the overall direction the city is moving.

The survey opened up last month and a random sample of 15,000 households across Boise were invited to participate.  If you didn't receive an invitation, but still wish to participate, the city has now opened up the process to anyone would participate.

To do so, just head to BoiseCitizenSurvey.com.

Officials say it will take between 15-20 minutes to complete and focuses mostly on key issues like:

  • How well Boise provides access to public services
  • Budget priorities
  • How safe residents feel in their neighborhoods
  • Transportation issues
  • How accessible local leaders are
  • Access to natural amenities

For more on the process, see the announcement from the City of Boise.



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