I was in my 20's before I ever celebrated New Year's Eve like an adult (drinking alcohol out with friends). Even then, I only did that twice, as I've been either ill or pregnant for the occasion. But growing up we would follow some Cuban traditions to ring in the new year that are fun and family friendly!

Most importantly, stock up on grapes. Everyone in your house is to be allotted 12 grapes each for use at midnight. The remaining grapes are to be used for playing a game where you try to catch grapes in your mouth. Think Jocelyn's baby shower in Schitt's Creek or something of the like. You can pretty much make up whatever rules you like, so long as someone is tossing grapes and someone else tries to catch them.

Now when it's finally midnight, the grapes you set aside come in to play. Each grape signifies a month of the year and you silently make a resolution wish on each one before you eat it. Then wash it down with sparkling cider. But you're not done!

Can't forget the superstitious aspect. Fill a bucket of water and dump it out the front door for good luck. Also, make sure the first person to enter your home in the new year is male. Hopefully you have a guy with you so he can step outside and then come back in. Otherwise you have to coordinate with whoever plans to visit. How do either of these things bring good luck for the new year? No clue! Just a Cuban superstition to which I've adhered since childhood.

I followed through with these last year, and although the year as a whole is a crap pile, I did land my dream job this year. Perhaps a coincidence, but I'm glad I didn't take a chance and neglect it. Do you have any traditions/superstitions you do to ring in the new year? I'm always looking to up the good juju.


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