Animal expert, Corbin Maxey routinely appears on the Today Show, Late Night with Seth Meyers and also since he lives in Boise, he appears regularly on the Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole, but he has NEVER EVER brought us animals as cute as he did this week....a baby racoon and two coyote puppies.

Credit Corbin Maxey,

I apologize that the video is a little long, but these babies are so cute that I have to let you see their entire visit inside our studio.

The babies come from Animals in Distress, an organization that rescues wild animals,



rehabilitates them, if possible then releases them back into the wild.

Unfortunately that won't happen with one of the coyote puppies, because he is totally blind in both eyes. Unfortunately, Madey the woman who runs Animals in Distress believes the blindness was caused by a human abusing the animal...It's so sad because he can never be released back into the wild with his brother. Even running around in the studio, he would bump in to walls because he couldn't see them..but he was still so precious.


Corbin has a new website and you can check it out here.  Plus he shared with us that he might have some really exciting news to share with us soon about possibly getting to do his dream job soon. If you've listened to the Mix Morning show and his frequent visits, you know what that is...but until it becomes official we won't talk about it so we don't jinx it, but Corbin says as soon as he knows he will share with all of us and you too

Mike Kasper