If you feel like letting it all hang loose, here's some places in Idaho where clothing is optional!

Who knew there were so many places right here in Idaho where you can be naked as a jaybird if you like. I thought this only happened in Europe and Mexico, but no, we've got a lot of nudity going on around these parts!


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    Goldbug Hotsprings

    Salmon, Idaho

    It's located between Salmon and Challis. To get there turn on HWY 93 near MM 282. Turn east on a dirt road and follow the marked trail for nearly 2 miles. No clothing required! You can call to inquire more at 208-756-5100

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    Bowery Hot Springs

    Clayton, Idaho

    It's near the East Fork of the Salmon River. Bowery features a fiberglass hot tub that will most likely be empty when you arrive and then you have to fill it up for about an hour. Near the town of Clayton along HWY 75 take East Fork Salmon River Road for about 30 miles to just before the Sawtooth National Forest guard station.

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    Jerry Johnson Hotsprings

    Clearwater National Forest

    A sign at the Trailhead specifically says clothing is optional. From Powell Junction take HWY 12 west for just over 10 miles to a large pullout marked Warm Springs Trailhead. Hike across Warm Springs pack bridge over the Lochsa River to Jerry Johnson Hot Springs.

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    West Pass Hot Springs

    Clayton, Idaho

    West Pass Hot Springs is located in an abandoned old mine shaft and there you'll find three cast iron bath tubs. A half mile before reaching the gate for Bowery Hot Springs on Forest Service Road 120, head East about half a mile and follow the signs on the path.

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    Loftus Hot Springs

    Boise National Forest

    Loftus Hot Springs is tucked away near the middle fork of the Boise River. Head North on HWY 21, take Forest Service Road 268 for 30 miles to the old mining town of Atlanta and follow the short path to the hot springs.

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