Yup, the time changes this weekend... Daylight Savings. I think it's fantastic and I hope it never changes!

I know, a LOT of people wish this would go away and that the sun would stay out forever, but hear me out. I absolutely love the fact that we have to change our clocks twice each year and it's because I like the change. In the summer time I like that the sun stays out late and that we get to enjoy long summer nights, and in the winter time, isn't it nice that the sun goes down early and you get to enjoy all the Christmas lights?

Apparently though, there are a lot of people who are sick of changing their clocks and think that Daylight Savings should go away. And the consensus is that most people would like it to remain "daylight" time vs. "standard" time. So, the time it is in the spring and summer. So much so, the bill to end Daylight Savings in Idaho is headed to the house! 

Bummer for me... Do you know how much self worth I derived as a child being the tech savvy smarty-pants that got to change all my grandma's clocks? I literally had this attitude of like... "Hold my beer, grandma... Clocks are on me".

In the mean time, I'm looking forward to springing forward this Sunday morning at 2 am. We'll lose an hour of sleep but also, we get to enjoy some long summer days.

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