It's been warm during the day despite the fact that we're 17 days into the "official" fall, but that all changes this weekend.

Time to swap out the shorts for pants, the short sleeves for long and welcome back the ever so loved hoodies, cash in our flip flops and make sure our feet are covered because the real fall begins this weekend here in the Treasure Valley.

With a rainy Saturday to kick things off and highs in the fifties and sixties for the foreseeable future, it's now going to start to really feel like the season it is. To me, this is the best weather of the year. Not too cold and not too warm. How long will it last though? Last year, we saw our first snow on October 29th. That's 20 days from the moment I'm writing this article, which means things can really escalate quickly, weather wise.

I've been "going to" get my garage cleaned up for weeks so that I can park in there but have yet to be successful. Better yet, yet to be motivated to do so. This weekend is going to be the one. I swear it.

We're also just 21 days away from November first which is when Daylight Savings Time ends and we fall back an hour. Combine this with the cooler weather and it's going to feel like things are changing very quickly. So enjoy the big flip in your closet this weekend, and enjoy your fall gear that everyone loves so much!

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