Two of my favorite things are colliding this month: Valentine's Day and Cinnaholic! I am a hopeless romantic through and through, so Valentine's Day is a dreamy holiday to me. I love seeing everyone post mushy dedications of love and pictures of the sweet things their partners got and did for them in celebration. That includes all the sweet treats and desserts in themed in pink and red and sprinkled with hearts. And Cinnaholic is aiding in that endeavor with a limited time gift box.

Now through Valentine's Day you can preorder a Sweetheart Box, which includes:
- 2 cinnamon rolls (frosting and one topping of your choosing)
- 2 brownie bites
- 2 mini cookies
- 2 chocolate covered strawberries
Go to to place your order.

As a dedicated consumer of all things Cinnaholic, I can attest that every single item included in the Sweetheart Box is delicious ON A LEVEL, and well worth the $24.99 price point. If it were me putting together the box I would choose raspberry frosting and chocolate chips for the first roll. The second roll would be cream cheese frosting with blueberries.

Catering for the office on Valentine's Day? Go for the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Rolls. Available in half dozen or full dozen, nothing says Valentine's Day like a chocolate covered strawberry. Even better when sitting atop a soft gooey cinnamon roll. Or you can even just order the chocolate covered strawberries themselves, also in half or full dozen.

If you don't want anything to do with Valentine's Day, that shouldn't stop you from ordering these items or anything else on the menu. Cinnaholic is delicious (and vegan!) and should be consumed just because.

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