Remember the story I recently shared about how drinking Moscow Mules, may slowly killing you? Turns out you might not have to stop drinking them after all.

Moscow mules are one of the trendiest drinks of the past few years, and part of the appeal is because they come in those sweet COPPER MUGS.  I mean, those DO look good on Instagram and they make everything super cold. and according to Iowa's Alcoholic Beverages Division, you're really not supposed to have copper come in contact with acidic food or drinks and Moscow mules are definitely acidic.

They claimed that by drinking them it could cause you to absorb just a little of the copper in the mug and that if you drink enough of them, you could wind up with copper poisoning and that can cause fatigue, fainting, and depression among other things.

But in an article published in the Huffington Post, a chemist claims we may be worried over nothing.

Trisha Andrew is an assistant professor of chemistry and chemical engineering at UMass Amherst, and in the Huffington Post article she stated: “I find the press release to be chemophobic fear-mongering.” She went on to say, “Even if you’re nursing the drink all night, you have to let the copper mug sit in straight lime juice for a few hours before you can even start to begin to worry about [copper poisoning].”

What does all this mean? Well first of all don’t throw out all those copper mugs you bought and secondly, they're apparently to drink! Cheers!

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