I have hit quite a few hot springs in my short time of living in the Boise area. This one was not as easily accessible as the last.

After an attempt at a few others I had a pin of this location but being the fact there is no service it wasn't easy to get an exact location on it and ourselves. So basically we were driving around looking for steam in the area that. It took a bit for sure, but my friend Matt was the one who saw the steam and so we knew that is where it was. The only thing was I wasn't sure you could access it in the winter.

Well we found out you could! There was one other car there and we were looking over the edge and wondering how they made it down. Well of course as we could see their tracks due to the snow it wasn't difficult to find out where they went although it looked liked there were a few and they went different ways. In the end we made it down safely to a beautiful hot spring with multiple pools and a great winter esque vibe.

The hike out was ROUGH.... it was a steep going down and even worse going up. I heard there is another way around but this time of year is dangerous. This was near Banks and Garden Valley.


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