Where is 16-year-old Matthew Jedediah Hall?  That's the question Idaho has been asking for exactly 12 months now.  When I say Idaho I mean here in Idaho we're all like family.  When something happens to one of our own it happens to all of us.  When there's an opportunity for us to pull together and help, make a difference, or find justice, we do it.  But there's no help here... no making a difference... and no justice.  Only sadness as day after day after day goes by without Mathew.

According to East Idaho News, Mathew Jedediah Hall who was simply known as "Jed" to those close to him left his house in Idaho Falls on Jan. 22, 2018 in a silver 2009 Nissan Versa hatchback with plate number 8B EF732.  He had just a few items on him.  A small duffel bag and he also had a firearm.  He didn't leave with any money or credit cards.

A quote from the Idaho Falls Police Department states...

We are still actively looking for Jed Hall. When new leads come in, detectives follow them as far as possible.  That being said, it has been a while since we received any new information.

Jed's cell phone went inactive just a few days after he left his house.  Some tips came in soon after saying they thought he may be camping but those tips have only led to dead ends.

Jed was not some crazy teen who didn't care about life or school.  This was a straight-A student we're talking about.  A kid that constantly volunteered tutoring other kids at school  A kid who loved taking part in the Idaho Wing Civil Air Patrol and he was on a fast track moving forward in that program.  What happened to Jed?  I guess I'm throwing this blog out there in hopes that there may be one person out there that knows something... anything.  This boy's parents are suffering like none of us can possibly imagine.  Good or bad they need to know.  If you know anything at all please contact the Idaho Falls Police Department at (208) 529-1200.

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