It's taken me a long time to be able to do this and yes I am proud. I took my very first spin class!

My friends have been talking about Cycle Bar in Meridian and by chance one of them had a free entrance to try it. So I said ok, shortly after I did I regretted it. I had 4 days to talk myself out of it and am so glad I didn't. I instantly was already wondering how I could get it out of it. Then I thought you have to do it, you signed up on a full class and got the LAST spot, your friend is counting on you or hoping you go anyway and of course you have your own guilt to deal with. They were SO welcoming to me and even had my name on a locker when I arrived.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

Well I went and LOVED it, yes it was exhausting, yes I didn't know how to get in and out of my shoes, yes I couldn't all the "moves" BUT I stayed riding the whole time.

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