We've all felt the longing and desire to be back HOME! Business trips, vacations, etc the deep bit in your stomach telling you how much you miss your friends, your family and the comforts of home are being transported into a single item that you can now purchase. A Candle! 

Credit: Homesickcandles.com

I can remember the smell of my grandmother's kitchen in Burley when she used to back homemade apple fritters, which I feel like could take on any spot around towns like Guru Donuts or even Mike's favorite place Country Donuts. The sweet and salty smells still even right now conjure up an emotion that not matter what I'm doing, when I walk into a room that has Apple Fritters, I'm catapulted back to the times when I was 6, 7, and 8 years old. Think about it...if you could capture that memory in a scent what would yours be?


If the open foothills of Boise remind you of home, the rapid flow of the Salmon River, the smell of the snow capped peaks from Bogus, Tamarack or Sun Valley. If you could take that memory and relive it every single moment you walked into your home, whether you live in the Treasure Valley or not, would you take it? Homesick Candles have found that perfect way, of grabbing memories and re-introduce it's buyers to them.

  • Made from all natural Soy wax
  • Burns over 60 hours
  • Hand poured and made in the USA

The company has captured the few things that most Idahoans can quickly relate to. The peaks and smells of snow from atop the mountains, the cedar lodges of the backcountry, delicate spruce trees and the pleasure of cinnamon and amber. This just sounds amazing to me. I can't wait to buy my Idaho Candle. If it's not Idaho they have individual states smells that you can purchase. Gosh for our family we could end up with a few different ones, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina and Washington. Which Homesick Candle will you have in your home? And more importantly, if you could make an Idaho Candle what would be in yours? - JD

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