I used to think breakups were probably only super painful if you lived in a smaller city like Boise, cause the chances of running into your ex were higher than they would be in a big city. Doesn't Sam Hunt have a song called "Break up in a small town?" Well, now it doesn't matter where you live, breakups are more painful than ever.

Thanks to social media, of course... So, there was a study done that shows that because of social media, breakups are more painful than ever before. And I can totally attest to this!

I remember when me and my ex broke up back in 2012, I was devastated. I deleted her from my social media so that I wouldn't see what she was up to, but then, even worse, I'd go look her up to see if she had met someone new. I remember the pit in my stomach when I searched her Facebook one day and saw her posing with some new dude. And to make things worse, this guy was like a model or something. Spoiler: I'm not a model.

In time, however, you tend to move on and forget all about em'. In fact, the only reason I even thought about it was cause this "study" crossed my screen. Now, I'm with someone new, we're gonna get married and all. This is a much more serious relationship and I don't think I could handle social media if her and I ever split *knock on wood*. I think I'd just throw my phone into a fire so I'd never be tempted to search for her.

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