It wasn't the earliest snow by any means, but this past weekend's snow and cold temperatures shattered records, possibly predicting a very cold winter.

Four years ago, the winter of 2016-2017 was the Treasure Valley's famous Snowmageddon. That winter, according to, Boise recorded 39.1 inches of snow, the fourth snowiest winter in record history. Last year was quite the opposite; it was abnormally dry and warm here in the Treasure Valley and made for an interesting winter.

The Treasure Valley's first snow of the 2020-2021 season (late Saturday, November 7th into Sunday, November 8th) came a bit early than our November 22nd average, according to CBS 2 Boise. Not only was it a little earlier this year, but it smashed the previous record which was set back in 1911. We had 2.7 inches of snow on Sunday, the previous record was just .3 inches. In addition to the record snowfall, we had a record high temperature for November 8th. Sunday's high was just 33 degrees, breaking the record of 34 degrees that was set back in 1945.

All that said, what does that mean for the rest of winter? Is it fitting that after a crazy chaotic 2020, we'd be in for abnormally cold and snowy winter? Or is this just a one-off thing we shouldn't look too far into? The Old Farmers Almanac has announced their predictions for the winter, but what are your thoughts? Are we going to be shivering in our shoes all winter? Or will mother nature do us a favor and take mercy on us and keep it light?

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