I don't ever really pick up an Old Farmer's Almanac. Are those things really legit? I just think of the scene in Back to the Future when Biff got one from the future. Wasn't that part two?

It was a good Summer and for some reason, it's still been warm as temperatures have been tipping low 70's this week. So, randomly I  checked the Old Farmer's Almanac has a different outlook on Winter. Snow is coming soon Boise.

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It's actually funny because the weather goes from 70 degrees for highs dropping to 37 degrees on Monday. We have four days beginning this weekend with snow chances. Summer is over Boise and Elsa is on her way ❄️ I'm sorry. That was a Frozen reference. Don't blame me it's just the dad in me.

The Old Farmer's Almanac is telling us that we have plenty of snow for the next few months.

  • November 1-6 said we would have snow showers and then sunny. Well, that didn't happen but it's coming this week so we're just a week off.
  • November 7-8 - Showers and mild temperatures.
  • November 9-23 were expecting snow showers and cold. That's to be expected and nothing really shocking there.
  • Thanksgiving through the end of the month says rainy, sunny, and mild.
  • The average temperature looks to be a few degrees below the average at 38 degrees.

This brings us to December and I'm not too sure if these months are the craziest for us.

  • December 1-4 looks to be sunny and mild.
  • December 5-14 we're expecting snowstorms and then sunny. Cold.
  • December 15-23 - Rain and snow.
  • December 24-31 - Snowy and mild.
  • The average temperatures are kind of mild to me at 33 degrees.

This is regarding Boise and I posted that link below. You can change your location to Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, or anywhere else. The almanac mentions it could be a mild Winter. Then again if you ask an Idahoan they will say what? "Wait 5 minutes, It's Idaho!"

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