For someone who was HUGE into trains growing up, Boise is the coolest place ever for train lovers. On Sunday the Boise Train Depot held a huge party for the public to see something epic. 

The Boise Depot has been an iconic hotspot when out of town visitors come to our great city. This weekend the "Living Legend" pulled into the depot on its historic Boise Turn Special. The Union Pacific 844 steam locomotive is a thing of beauty. To see this old timer run is like watching the past come alive. Honestly, when I saw it the first thing i thought of was I got the feels like I was part of the Back To The Future III. The one where Marty and Doc are transported back to the Wild West. This steamer is crazy big and soo powerful to see in person plus this thing has been on the rails since 1944. And let's talk about the sound. Watch the video above from our friend of the Mix Morning Show Bill with Higher Media Inc shot this amazing video of the festivities and the arrival of the Big Guy. What was so cool was to see all the people who came out and celebrated. It also was the Depot's 92nd birthday. Bill told me after seeing the event  "I love trains and this thing was absolutely amazing to see operating. The pure power of all those mechanical parts working in sync was astonishing. The sounds were unique and the smell of grease was expected on this vintage diamond"

To find out more about the Boise Train Depot and UP Steam Locomotive 844 follow them online at 

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