The college football program with the most wins is officially now our very own Boise State Broncos.

According to CBS 2 Boise, "The Broncos are now 462-170-2, which puts the program's win percentage at .7303."  In order to accomplish this very impressive record, they had to take the title from the legendary Ohio State University Buckeye football program. But with this new awesome record, Boise State looks to the future as that record could be taken away at any time. Looking ahead to this Friday night:

What a cool nod to get in this crazy 2020 season where we don't have a packed Albertson's Stadium like a normal year. It's an abbreviated season and it's going to be a tough go against BYU but the Broncos certainly have a fighting chance and then they'll move on to play Colorado State on Thursday the 12th here at home, and then on Saturday the 21st they'll fly to Hawaii to play them, come back to Boise to play San Jose on the day after black Friday before heading to Vegas to play my alma mater, UNLV on December 4th. Finally, the Broncos will wrap up the season when they play Wyoming on December 4th.

So yes, an abbreviated season, but the Boise State Broncos are off to an amazing start and a shiny new title of the "winningest" team in college football history! Now, if you're bummed about not being able to attend a game in person this year, don't forget that you can purchase a cardboard cutout of yourself to hang in your stead!

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