It feels a bit more real when it's close to home. In this case, Boise State Co-Special Teams Coordinator Zac Alley shares his experience with the Coronavirus.

According to KTVB, Alley announced yesterday he had tested positive for Covid-19 and though he had assumed that being a young person (26 years old), it wouldn't have effected him quite as much. He describes the feeling as:

"one of the worst pains I've ever felt in my life... Every breath was like taking a knife and sticking it through your ribs"

He mentioned that the only place he had been to in recent weeks besides home was the grocery store, and that it was likely that he got it from touching a shopping cart. One of the things we keep hearing about Covid-19 is that you can be a-symptomatic for days or even weeks before feeling symptoms so truly, it could creep up at any time.

Check out the full story via KTVB.

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