The list of the fattest cities in America is out, and Boise is on the list.

But we're far enough away from the top spot that I think we can take a day off from the treadmill and not worry too much.

The fattest city in America is Jackson, Mississippi, according to Wallethub.  Memphis and Little Rock are next, and then McAllen, TX and Shreveport-Bossier City is the fifth fattest.

Boise ranks 90th on the fattest cities list.  So if we had to make the list I guess that's a good spot, right there with Seattle, Portland, Honolulu, Denver and San Francisco for being not too fat in the um, big picture.  Factors include obesity rates, weight-related health problems, and healthy environment. Just having the Greenbelt makes us thinner.

There are plenty of physically fit folks with ripped abs and nice calves in my little corner of the world, and the healthy-eating movement seems strong here.

Can we do better?  Probably.  But there's something to be said for enjoying the journey too.  And that calls for the ocassional upgrade to the large fry at Boise Fry Company.  And even that isn't so bad! They cook with the healthy oils and all, and have plenty of fresh ingredients on the menu.

Seems like we've got the perfect balance of healthy and indulgent in the Treasure Valley, and that's probably why we're doing just fine. See ya on the Greenbelt, right after we finish this celebratory Guru donut.

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