It's occurred to me that my wedding will be two months away as of the 25th, yesterday I got fitted for my tux and let's just say... I'm truly dreading being a chubby guy in a suit. Is it too late for me?

By the way, I think I'm the king of coming up with reasons why I should wait to diet... Not long ago I was saying, as soon as I move to Boise I'm gonna jump on it and diet hard core. Then I thought it would be better to wait until my fiance got here. Then I thought we couldn't diet until after the Superbowl Party. Then I thought I'd kick it off after our Valentine's Day Date Night. Then we went to the movies over the weekend.

Now I'm 68 days away from my wedding. I'm not the worst I've ever been but I'm much worse than I want to be. I mean, this is the big wedding day, right? I want to look the best I ever have in my life and here I am two months prior killing chips and salsa at Mexican Restaurants and a bag of Reece's Pieces at the movies!

Well, tonight I'm going to Orange Theory Fitness in Meridian for the first time and it sounds like an amazing gym, and it also sounds like they take some of the thinking out of it for some of us who aren't necessarily pros at the gym. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work so I'm vowing not to make it in vain! So I guess accountability is my new thing...

I'm going to do it... I have to... If you see me out in public eating garbage, then throw garbage at me. Actually, don't do that, I'll feel awful. But call me out! And I'll check back in after the wedding and let ya know how I did!

Oh yeah, and any advice would be welcomed!


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