BOI Goes Green With Solar
Boise Airport is going more green with the installation of new solar panels on the rooftop of the facility. This solar project will be used to provide hot water for parts of the airport.
New Boise Library Branch Opens Thursday
The new library at Bown Crossing will be nestled in with bike racks and pedestrian paths, and it's not far from the Greenbelt.  It will be green to the core when it opens up later this week, and it will even including a reading room with a fireplace.
Green On St. Patrick's Day
Do you participate in St. Patrick's Day?  I haven't in years past, but now with an eight year-old, I feel the need to embrace our "themed" holidays.  So I've gone green.
Five Practical Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in Boise
The Treasure Valley seems pretty earth-conscious already, and that may make us the perfect Earth Day celebrators.
Earth Day is all about learning to live in greener ways, and we've got five practical ideas to work into your current energy-saving strategies.  Oh, and Downtown Boise…
St. Patrick's Day Fun
St. Patrick’s Day brings a lot of fun traditions and celebrations. It usually consists of parades, pub crawls, and a few too many pints of green beer. As a kid though, I remember the great importance of wearing green so I didn’t get pinched and dying our food and drin…