Holy cow you guys did you know that Boise has it's very own Bomb Shelter? Well if you didn't don't worry because I had no clue what so ever. The minute I found out about it though I wanted to know more. 

Built in 1961 the Shelter located at the North End of Boise past Highland Elementary School near Crane Creek Country Club more than likely is something that you would just drive by unnoticed. Heck, I lived here until I was 23 and then moved away never knowing it was there. It was originally called the "Highlands Community Fall Out Shelter" during a time when the threat of an atomic bomb being dropped on America was a reality. Built by Boise architect Edgar B. Jensen the 80 by 80 space can fit up to 1,000 plus people inside. Granted it may be a little cramped but during the Cold War, the small space provided some comfort.

At a cost of $122,000 bucks money provided by the Federal Civil Defensive Program, the shelter actually created more fear in Idahoans and American's than confidence that nothing was going to happen. $100 dollars was the fee for most neighborhood residents to "join in" This was a big push by the Highlands community and those who did not take part and pledge the money actually where frowned down on. And the other way around happened as well. If you weren't part of the "crowd" then you were against it. This was a super scary time, and only the people who could afford it were granted the "safety" of the shelter. This stuff is fascinating and I love the history of it. Again, I had NO clue that this even existed. A few links that I've been sucked into you that you should check out are www.boisebombshelter.com and www.idahoarchitectureproject.org

Is it still open? Can you visit the shelter? Is it haunted cause it sure looks scary? Well from what I saw the space can be rented out for music performance and rehearsals. The physical address of the shelter is 600 West Curling Drive. Is this place haunted....well let's not go that far, but come October you won't find me snooping around...well okay maybe if the Spirit Seekers came out with us....okay maybe not. Still, I really would love to go and check this place out when the sun is up. :)

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