This abnormally hot summer is going to mean an early end to the Lucky Peak Lake fun this summer.

Bummer for Boise area boaters as an early end will come to the fun at Lucky Peak Lake this summer. According to, "the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will start letting water out of the Lucky Peak Reservoir to fill the needs of irrigators who have water rights in the Treasure Valley." This weekend and next weekend should be fine as they will start with a "slow draft", but by the first weekend of August, boaters likely won't be able to launch at Lucky Peak Lake.

So where to? Well, there's always the fun at Lake Lowell in Nampa, and for boaters, other than those docks being cluttered with people and kids running around, that lake can be kinda fun too. Now, the big issue here plaguing summer 2021 in the Treasure Valley is an abnormal amount of 100+ degree days and a severe lack of rain. Add HOA's that don't like brown grass into the mix and we've got a water shortage, friends!

There are other options, of course: There's Roaring Springs, you can float the river, you can spray your kids in the hand car wash if ya get real desperate and for now, you can run through your sprinklers in your lawn to cool off, though I'd imagine irrigation will likely come to an early end this summer as well if this conditions persist.

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