The hardest part of working out besides finding the will to do so, is keeping the twins contained so they don't get in the way of said workout. Finding a bra for every day wear is hard enough, but a bra that is durable and strong enough to strap them down during extensive movement is damn near impossible. It took me 10 years to finally find one that gets the job done.

The main issue for me is that in relation to my cup size, my band size is significantly smaller than what most bra manufacturers assume. And because my breasts are natural, I actually need something with heavy support that isn't offered with most smaller banded bras when I manage to find one that fits the cup. answered my prayers. I first saw about it on Shark Tank, which easily persuaded me to check it out. After a quick survey regarding my size, shape, and needs, I was directed to buying their Ultimate Sports Bra. It's been 3 years and the two bras I initially bought are still in excellent condition and work as well as ever.


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