Finding someone good looking online is the easy part. Getting the conversation started is the hard part. These opening lines should help you get things going.

Online Dating
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Getting a response in a sea of hundreds of online singles is a tough world. But it's the world we live in. How do you get someone who is getting 10 other messages at the same time to respond to your message? did a survey and found the top opening lines for men and women. "Hey" just isn't cutting it anymore.

Men want an assertive question like, "drinks soon?" 98% of men are more likely to respond to this type of question. Women want to be asked about food. 40% are more likely to respond if you ask them about chocolate or their favorite place to eat.

The survey also breaks it down by age. People in their twenties will respond to lifestyle questions. People in their 30s and 40s will hit reply to talk about pop culture (I'm struggling to believe that one). Men need to receive a message within 6 hours or their attention takes them elsewhere (Oh look...a butterfly) while women are more patient. And we can multi-task!

Check out the full survey. It might give you some insight to help you start getting responses online and actually start dating face to face!

Do you have a go-to online dating line or technique you use?

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