If you date and aren't online dating, then you are really behind the times...but is it safe these days to do it? According to a recent survey, it's really safe to date in Idaho, safer than 45 other states.


With Valentine's Day fast approaching wouldn't it be super awesome if you didn't have to spend it alone this year. Dating can be overwhelming and really intimidating, especially online dating.You've got Tinder, Christian mingle, E-harmony, Plenty of Fish, Trump Humpers and a plethora of other options...but just how safe is online dating? If your serious about making your mom happy and giving her grand kids, then you've got to take dating, (and that includes online dating), seriously too.

You are in luck when it comes to safety...According to a recent study by Highspeedinternet.com and SafeWise, Idaho is the #5 safest state for online dating.

Another bonus is that based on some of the criteria, such has high crime rates and STD's, dating in general is way safer in Idaho than most other states.

So after checking out the study, you are hereby ordered to go forth and log in online, sign in to a dating site or three and start to make your parents happy by finding that significant other and making them a bunch of babies....Happy Valentine's Day and good luck...oh and be safe.

Top 10 Safest States for Online Dating
1. Vermont
2. Maine
3. New Hampshire
4. Utah
5. Idaho
6. Wyoming
7. West Virginia
8. Connecticut
9. Minnesota
10. New Jersey

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