As the old saying goes: "Everything's bigger in Idaho."

Wait. That's not right, sorry, wrong state. Regardless, the people of Idaho still do it big and that's especially the case with their trucks.

Boise - Bad Driver Spotted Strikes Again

As the kids say: "If you know, you know." If you don't, which is totally okay, there is a Facebook group known as "Boise - Bad Driver Spotted." The group is for members to do just that: share accounts of bad driving in Boise.

Recently, someone shared a photo that was captioned:

"If you don’t know how to drive a truck don’t get one."

Let me tell you - I couldn't agree more. In a photo captured by a member of the group, we see someone driving a truck in what appears to be a drive-thru. The only problem is that the person driving the truck appears to be right in the middle of a two-lane which prevents anyone else from getting in.

The issue here is clear - this person bit off more than they could chew.

It happens to the best of us but unfortunately, it creates annoying scenarios like this one: where someone doesn't know how to turn with a large truck and they become an inconvenience to everyone else.

It's not just about blocking lanes

Why is it that someone feels "in power" when driving a bigger truck? Like they can get away with tailgating on the roads, double parking, etc.?

Is it to make up for something else? We may never know.

Moral of the story: If you've been told that you're not good at parking, you have people honk at you while you turn, you have some road rage or maybe you show zero interest in using your turn signal... then maybe don't get a truck.

You would be doing all of us a favor.

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