Okay, what in the WORLD is going on with the drivers of the Treasure Valley?

We were recently out for an event over at Boise Townsquare Mall when a lot of us noticed: "Has anyone actually stopped at the stop sign on Milwaukee Street?"

No, seriously, you already know exactly what we're talking about. This might be the most dangerous intersection in all of Boise...if it IS in fact illegal. We captured 30 minutes' worth of video that shows 30 drivers potentially breaking the law in that time. Thankfully, we were able to scale down these potential 30 traffic violations down to a 2-minute compilation video for your viewing pleasure.

Have you seen the same at this intersection?

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's plain as day if you just pay attention, but it seems that a lot of Boise drivers seem to miss that little stop sign to the right of the picture. But because it's in Boise Townsquare Mall... does that make it okay? Being that there is a solid line WITH a stop sign, it can be confusing but we'll need to look at what Idaho law says.

Whether they miss it or simply ignore is up for debate but based on our count, there are an average of 60 drivers that run this stop sign an hour. If we just go by the hours of operation that the mall mostly operates by, that is an estimated 480 Boise drivers that run that stop sign in a day from 11 AM to 7 PM.

In Case You Need A Refresher, Here Is The Law Thousands of Boise Drivers Break Daily

You would think this is covered in driving school but apparently not! Let's take a brief look at what Idaho law says about stopping at stop signs.

Now, for the mesmerizing short 2-minute compilation video that shows 30 Boise drivers potentially breaking the law in under 30 minutes. You have to see it to believe it... we do show the one driver that did stop though! Here is that shocking compilation...

What's your take? Is this the most dangerous intersection in all of Boise? What about what drivers are doing behind the wheel on the roads of the Treasure Valley?

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