Our amazing traffic reporter, Dave Burnett came into the Mix 106 studio this morning just before 7:40 with the news that ended up affecting Treasure Valley commuters all day.

There's a good chance that if you got on the freeway this morning, you stayed on the freeway for some time. Right around 7:36 this morning, a semi-truck was involved in an accident that resulted in the truck catching on fire, involving 9 other vehicles, with debris ending up blocking both the East and West bound lanes of I-84 through the morning commute, and through much of the afternoon as well. KTVB reported that the driver of the truck that had been ablaze had been seen jumping out of his truck to escape the fire, and that he had been transported to a hospital but ultimately ended up being okay. The Idaho State police released a full breakdown of what transpired this morning, which can be read here. There have been no deaths but there have been three hospitalizations with minor injuries and one life threatening injury reported.

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This accident ultimately ended up impacting a good portion of the valley beyond the freeway as well. Because the freeway was closed in both directions at Five Mile, the resulting traffic on side streets ended up being pretty chaotic as well. Overland Road and Fairview both ended up congested going East & West and Eagle Road, Meridian and many other streets were impacted going in different directions. As of 5:25 pm, all lanes had been reopened and the freeway had been repaired, according to Idaho State Police District 3.

At one point, the freeway was completely blocked off leaving commuters exiting the connector only one option, East bound travel on I-84 with the option to get off and go West at Overland Road.

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