This is a dream come true for Mike. He swears that the smell of bacon sizzling in the pan will get him out of bed. And now the iPhone can do just that!

Rosemanry Bufoni of ThinkStock

I love bacon. Mike LOVES bacon. It's gotten to the point of creepy and weird if you ask me. He doesn't seem to care as he is shoveling the bacon into his face.

Doing morning radio for all these years, it's a natural assumption that it gets easier to get up in the morning. It doesn't. I have bought probably 20 different alarm clocks over the years. I've tried putting one in another room just to get me out of bed to shut it off. That doesn't work. The day someone invents one that turns on all the lights in my room, turns back the covers on my bed and turns the TV on will be the day I finally get out of bed when I should. Mike claims the only thing that can get him out of bed is the smell of bacon sizzling in a pan. Good news Mike, now Oscar Mayer has just invented a device that hooks up to the iPhone that does just that. When your alarm on your phone goes off, the device emits a smell of bacon and makes a sound like sizzling bacon. There is just one thing that is keeping Mike from springing out of bed to the smell of crackling pork each morning....