Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular by the day and Oscar Mayer, may be responsible for getting it to really take off with their entry into the cryptocurrency market with the all new Bacoin. You know, like Bitcoin only better, because it comes with free Bacon.

Oscar Mayer, the meat maker best known of bologna and wieners has launched its own digital coin called Bacoin. You know like Bitcoin only way better because it includes bacon.

Oscar Mayer describes it as the “first-ever cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard of Oscar Mayer Bacon.” (Dude!  Where do I sign up?)

Bacon lovers like me can go to Oscar Mayer’s website and register for a chance to win a Bacoin. If you score one, you can increase its value even more by sharing on  social media.

Here’s the best part, Bacoin is only redeemable for bacon, not real money. Oscar Mayer has a price tracker for how many slices one Bacoin is worth. As of right now a single coin will net you 28 slices of bacon.

The company warns that, like all cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin for example, Bacoin is very volatile, so the value could go up or down on a daily basis.

Who knows, maybe Oscar Mayer is on to something. If you’ve watched cryptocurrencies over the past 6 months you know they are very volatile, so maybe a little pork could add some stability and what is more stable than pork products?

You know my saying right? “Bacon is the most sensual of all the salted and cured meats” So who knows, in the future we could all be using bacon to buy, sell and trade goods and services.  For me personally, I’m afraid I would eat all my profits.



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