Kid Who Loves Bacon Even More Than Mike
You know my love of bacon. It's a super food.  It's good for you, it makes you smile, it makes you in a better mood and you can make it so many different ways. I made bacon dipped in chocolate again for Christmas.  But this little kid may love bacon even more than me.
The Best Dating App Ever!
If you listened the Mike and Kate showgram this week, you heard them talking about different dating apps, like Tinder,, Farmers Only, and even an app for a-sexuals.  Basicly there really is a dating app of almost every type. But this may be, by far, the best dating app ever.  Unl…
Bacon Brother Advertises Bacon
If you're a meat maker and you want to advertise your lesser-known bacon, who better than the lesser-known Bacon Brother to do the talking.
It's Kevin Bacon's brother Michael Bacon pitching turkey bacon.  Genius!
In the six degrees now, Kevin Bacon is connected to bacon...
The Bacon Alarm Clock
This is a dream come true for Mike. He swears that the smell of bacon sizzling in the pan will get him out of bed. And now the iPhone can do just that!
Olympic Slopestyle Winner Sage Kotsenburg Wins the Bacon?
For the Most part, I don't have a lot in common with world class Olympic athletes.  Yes I have visited Coeur d'Alene Idaho, birthplace of Slopestyle gold Medal winner Sage Kotsenburg, but until this week, that was pretty much the end of our similarities. Until I found out we had this …

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