At least 18 people climbing Mount Everest also died when the earthquake triggered a huge avalanche.  Here is a video of one of those climbers who were caught in the avalanche and lived to tell about it.

(Warning:  The video contains uncensored profanity.)

A 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday, and at least 3,600 people have been reported as dead.  Most of those were in the capital of Kathmandu.

A climber from Germany was at base camp with other climbers when the avalance happened, and he is the one who was able to get the whole thing on video and he just posted it for all to see

Luckily they were far enough down the mountain that they didn't get completely buried, but you see a huge wall of snow coming at him before he dives into his tent.

(Warning:  The video contains uncensored profanity.) as you could probably expect.