Albertson's Stadium has been highlighted by CFB Hype as the college football 'Stadium Of The Night', showcased with gorgeous photos of the stadium.

If you've ever been to a Boise State game at Albertson's, you know the magic that can be felt; the roar of the crowd, the electricity in the air and the tension of an incredible game @CFB_Hype is a college football fan page on Twitter that showcases different college football teams and the stadiums they play in. Tonight they showcased Albertson's Stadium, where our very own Boise State University plays, a stadium that holds nearly 37,000 attendees. Just this month, Mix 106's very own Kekeluv made himself the first person ever to sit in every single seat at Albertson's Stadium to raise awareness for child abuse victims here in the Treasure Valley, and also raised money for the domestic violence prevention non-profit organization, Faces of Hope. Take a look at the beautiful photos they showcased of Albertson's Stadium.

I mean, it may not be the biggest, newest or fanciest stadium but Albertson's Stadium is truly a remarkable one, known for its legendary blue field. I grew up in Las Vegas and went to UNLV, who now play at Allegiant Stadium where the Raiders play, but back in my day, played at Sam Boyd stadium, which is awesome on its own but is also just a stadium, one that can get very hot I might add. The blue at B-S-U is legendary for a reason, and I'm not surprised that CFB Hype decided it would be a good one to showcase!

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