Albertsons celebrated the groundbreaking of a new flagship store in Boise yesterday.

The new store will be on Broadway and Beacon and is planned to be completed sometime next year. It will be the first NEW Albertsons in Idaho in about 18 years! (since 1999.)

The plan is to make this location a hot spot with lots of "bells and whistles."

It will be a big store with an upstairs wine bar and a patio. Whaaaat?!?!

I use the Albertsons grocery delivery option now, because I love being able to just click through the site, checkout, and have my groceries show up at my house the next day...but I may have to conveniently forget something in my online cart and make a trip to the store alone...with no kids (or husband) and pick up that forgotten item. Maybe it will be upstairs near the wine bar and I will need to spend a good hour looking for said item. I'll just have to remember not to go home empty handed!

In other great news, the expansion means more jobs in the Treasure Valley too! Albertsons expects to add 500 new employees over the next year.

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