There are many ways to get your groceries these days. From meal delivery services to curbside pick-up. In fact, there are countless delivery services alone. One of the most sustainable and innovate services out there just started delivering here in the Treasure Valley.

Imperfect Foods is a California-based service expanding it's outreach to Boise by delivering surplus food and “imperfect” produce to customers’ all in an effort to combat food waste. Americans are estimated to waste 40 millions tons of food collectively. It's a real issue.

The service works with 1,200 farmers and small business to collect food that would otherwise go to waste for whatever reason including "cosmetic damage, food that doesn’t meet the exact measurements of large buyers, surplus inventory, changes in packaging or items closer to their expiration date than a grocery store allows." This food is then purchased by customers and then shipped directly to them.

CEO Neufeld Imperfect Foods Chief Operations Officer Neil Neufeld said, “We thought ‘What could we do to service people in a time of need and still be doing it with a mission and not just trying to make a dollar but really make an impact?’”

Each box delivered is customized and every item in the box is priced individually, just like a grocery store, right? You select the specific products you want out of the available inventory. Imperfect Foods started out by only offering produce but has grown to now include all kinds of grocery items. Boxes can be delivered weekly or bi-weekly.


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