I made an incredible haul over the weekend in an effort to get my backyard summer ready. Approximately $1,000 worth of patio awesomeness for $75

Here's the thing with Facebook Marketplace; you gotta be quicker than that! Especially with freebies! We scored an outdoor fireplace (new versions run at about $500) for FREE. You have to be in a truck and ready to go for the free stuff, though.

We also got a 4 burner stainless steel grill for FREE.

Lastly, we got a 4 seater outdoor loveseat and chair set (with a coffee table) for $75.

I still need an umbrella for some shade but man, what a haul! Last night we celebrated our day of driving around and scoring great deals on Facebook Marketplace by having a beer on our patio.

Summertime is here and we need a place to chill and enjoy these beautiful, Idaho summer nights!

What have you scored on Facebook Marketplace?\

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