I sort of figure if I hold myself to posting about it weekly, then maybe I'll be more successful. With 201 days until my new wedding date, I've got quite a bit to lose to be confident in my tux.

This is something I've had a hard time committing to for quite a few years now. I've learned that a lot of the things in my life that I don't necessarily like or feel like hold me back are related to my weight. For example: my confidence isn't as great as it was when I was younger and in better shape.

Inevitably, I feel like people who are in shape command a bit more respect from others, when you're in better shape your sex life is better, I can go on and on... I just feel like this is something important for me to do.

So I'm 5'8', I'd like to get back back down to 165 pounds which I feel is a healthy weight for me. I started two weeks ago at 262, last week I was down to 256 and as of last night, I'm down to 251.7, so I'm down a total of 10.3 pounds. I'm excited to continue with this momentum I've got going; I've been eating healthy and exercising about three days a week. I just hope I can commit, that seems to be my issue... I'll have some success for a bit and then I'll kind of fall off the wagon, so this is my way of holding myself accountable. Wish me luck! And feel free to join in if you'd like!

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