I have always secretly dreamed of being a bartender. For those of you who have been there, done that, it's probably not as sexy as they made it look like in "Coyote Ugly" but that's what I imagine in my head! Now, this new machine allows you to be an at-home bartender that will have your friends flocking to your house to party!

Most of us can't wake up without our Keurig. Those little pods are so cute!! Well, Keurig is moving from coffee to boozy mixed drinks with the Drinkworks machine!

It's the same concept Keurig uses with their coffee machine only the pods have booze and all the essentials for a mixed drink in them! You can make everything from a Cosmopolitan to a Moscow Mule, plus brews and ciders!

We love to get our drink on in this great state of Idaho, so I'm thinking this is going to be HUGE here!

The only bummer is that according to KTVB you won't find the Drinkworks machine in any Idaho stores yet. Right now they are only available to pre-order on their website or in St. Louis Missouri.

The good news is if you were pre-order on their website it's $299 vs. $399 in-store. A pricy machine no doubt, but I'm definitely putting this on my dream Christmas wish list and if someway, somehow I get one, I'm throwing a huge party at my house and you're all invited!!


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