Man, 2020 sure is weird. As I was preparing for our show on Mix 106 this morning, I saw two very different types of lists with very similar content.

Okay, so I guess it should come as no surprise that Joe Exotic will likely be the most popular costume in 2020. Carol Baskin is likely going to be pretty high up there too as Tiger King was one of the most fun parts of 2020, and that's saying something. It's no surprise that, in an election year, both the Republican Presidential candidate and the Democratic Presidential candidate would be pretty high on the costume list, but as it turns out, both Trump and Biden are on Time's "Most Influential" list as well.

I think one of my favorites for 2020, which is just as relevant in terms of pop culture as Joe Exotic, Trump and Biden, is evil KAREN!

I mean, this thing is objectively terrifying. It seems like so long ago, and back in such a simple time when the most popular Halloween costumes were the cast of Jersey Shore (Snooki and Mike, The Situation) specifically and Time's "Most Influential" list had little overlap with the popular costumes.

But this is 2020, the year where nothing is a surprise and anything can happen. There's a lot of 2020 between now and Halloween still to come so who knows how the costumes list will evolve between now and then. I may just be non-controversial and wear my King Henry the VIII costume again. Sadly, I make a pretty good one. What will you be for Halloween this year?

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