If there are only seven people in your town, you only need a few votes to win the mayor's race.  You only need two, actually.  Just two.  Congrats to the new mayor in Clayton, ID.

Wendi McKnight got two votes Tuesday to become the new mayor of Clayton, population 7.  She owns the local bar, and had been serving as the interim mayor in her spare time.

KTVB says there was a voter turnout of 9 yesterday, and there are 16 registered voters there total.  That's pretty good!  I can't think of any other places with more than a 50 percent voter turnout on Tuesday.  Clayton rocked that.

If they'd hadn't elected a mayor, the county would have taken over.  Now they don't have to worry about that.

Clayton is in Custer County, along the Salmon River.

Being the mayor of seven people might be fun!  If fifty percent of the population usually complains, that would mean only three and a half people are grumbling in Clayton.  We could handle that, right?  And if we tried to please everyone, and we'd only have to worry about it seven times.  Maybe it can be done.

Congrats Mayor McKinght, and good luck.

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