I just told my wife that it was going to cool off over the weekend and she was so excited. That's when I dropped "it's going to be 98 and 95!" She wasn't amused. We differ on the weather if you can't tell.

I love the heat and that makes room for water balloon fights and water gun battles in the backyard. Well, we have a recall so beware.

CNN is reporting that Target exclusively sells Hasbro water guns and they've all been recalled due to lead. You might be wondering how water gets in a plastic gun. It's the sticker on the side that exceeds the amount of lead allowed. There is ink in that sticker that is making it dangerous and you should get rid of them.

Too much lead can really impair a kid's cognition and behavioral disorders if digested according to the report. Here are the two water guns to look out for.

  • Super Soaker XP 20
  • Super Soaker XP 30

The craziest part is that these stickers came from an unauthorized provider that Hasbro didn't know about. How does that happen? You can receive a refund and I have everything linked below.

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