With the start of the new year comes Dry January: A commitment to abstaining from alcohol for the first 31 days of the year. I have never subscribed to this because I love a good cocktail. But for many this is an opportunity to detox from the holidays and start the year feeling refreshed. Still, non-alcoholic drinks don't have to be boring. Fake it 'til you make it with these fun mocktails to get you through Dry January.

Virgin Mojito- As a Cuban, this is a favorite for me! As a lazy human, this is a favorite for me. Just 4 ingredients and some ice: lime juice, mint, agave simple syrup, and sparkling water.
- Muddle mint and lime juice in a glass
- Add the agave simple syrup
- Add the sparkling water
- Drop in a few ice cubes
No exact measurements on this one, as it's pretty easy to eyeball what's right, hard to screw up.

Mockmosa- Don't feel left out at brunch just because you're not having champagne. Bubbles are bubbles! Just 2 ingredients: orange juice, sparkling water.
- Fill a champagne glass 3/4 with sparkling water
- Finish filling it with orange juice
Easy Peasy and you get some Vitamin C into your body.

Sober Spicy Bloody Mary- A bloody Mary without alcohol is gross unless it's spicy. That's the trick. And it's super easy to make: bottled tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, salt and pepper, Tabasco sauce.
- Pour it all into a glass, taste as you go to determine ratio best for you
- Go extra with the Tabasco
- Garnish with bacon if you're feeling fancy
This drink is filling, so one glass is enough to get you through the first half of morning football games.

Shirley Temple- This classic faux cocktail entered most of our lives as children and is more than good enough for sober adults. Make it the lazy way: Cherry 7UP, maraschino cherries.
- Pour the soda over ice
- Garnish with cherries
I know, super basic. But it's delicious and people forget about it as though it didn't make them feel fancy at Applebee's when they were seven years old.

Mock Mule- Moscow Mules, Kentucky Mules, Mexican Mules--I love them all. This iteration is modeled after the Moscow Mule: lime juice, club soda, ginger beer, simple syrup, mint.
- Pour the lime juice, soda, and ginger beer over ice
- Mix in some simple syrup and mint
Easy and refreshing, with a little zing from the ginger. Even better if you happen to have one of those copper mugs.

Rotate through these to keep things interesting. Three weeks will pass in no time and you can get back to boozing it up!

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