This ongoing pandemic thing has made going to the gym with a bunch of sweaty, hot-breathed people a whole lot less appealing (not that I was every a GTL kind of guy). However, over the past few months I have figured out a few things that make working out at home a little bit better.

The first thing I did when I saw things shutting down was to buy a rower. Since I have back issues and my fiancé has knee issues, we know we needed something that would be a low-impact, efficient workout. We also got some super cheap resistance bands right away and there’s sooo many exercises that you can do with them without big, bulky weights cluttering your home.

We then decided it was too weird to be working out in the living room in the middle of all the action, so we cleared out a part of our garage and bought some cheap mats to soften the ground a bit. We already had a fan laying around so we threw that in there too with this crazy hot weather. Now we can blast music, get a good breeze, and sweat it out in the privacy of our own home. What kinds of workouts do you like for at home?

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