If you're anything like some of us at the office, you like to "get your money's worth"... especially when it comes to shopping for a home.

This Boise home has A LOT of land... but just three bedrooms

When you're shopping for a home and looking for space, are you looking for land or are you looking for square footage inside of the home? Ideally, we'd all want both but if we had to pick, we're going with nature every time. This property is over 83 acres and still has plenty of space inside the home with 4,395 square feet.

Still, the inside of the home doesn't compare to the size of the land (and all it has to offer)... and that is exactly why it costs what it does.

Let's take a look.

Why This Multimillion Dollar Boise Home Has Just 3 Bedrooms

This property listed for sale has a hefty price tag and just 3 bedrooms. Here's why...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of privacy, you have to check out this home that is perfect for anyone who isn't particularly fond of having neighbors. The address is 40 Lotus Way in Boise and sits on a 2.98-acre lot. Sure, it has just one bedroom and one bathroom but once you see the views, you'll understand why.

Sometimes we could all use an escape and after a long day of work, there truly is nothing like coming home and being able to isolate from the world.

Don't Like People? This Boise Home For Sale Is Perfect For You

If you're fed up with having neighbors, this is the property for you...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

We've seen a $6.5 million home and then we just looked at a home for those who love isolation. But, how about a 3-bedroom home that has a price tag some are calling "offensive"? Do you agree?

The Price of This 3-Bedroom Boise Area Home Will Infuriate You

What makes this home worth $1.25 million? We're about to show you... do you agree with the price?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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