People deal with stress in various ways.  Working out, meditation, deep breathing or maybe even listening to music. How do you manage your stress? I may have the number one way to R-E-L-A-X

Neuroscientists have determined the most relaxing song in the world? I’ve tried it and I have to say…it really does work….I was so relaxed that I started to fall asleep in just a few minutes. Give it a listen in the video below, then decide if you agree with me.

The song is "Weightless" by English band, Marconi Union.

UK neuroscientists from Mindlab International conducted a study on stress levels, and the scientists kept track of things like their brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing and determined that this song "produced a greater state of relaxation than any other music tested so far," They could actually prove in the study that on average, after listening to the song, participants' anxiety rate actually decrease by 65 percent.