When I was growing up, my idea of playing video games was spending an afternoon playing Super Mario on Nintendo 64 in front of a giant box TV. A lot has changed in 20+ years and today's video games are more realistic than ever before. Sometimes it's hard for me to grasp that my boys are growing up in such a tech-savvy age. But with all the advances in computers come amazing new opportunities like Virtual Reality experiences.

Located at 1225 E Winding Creek Drive in Eagle, VR1 Arcade is Idaho's first Virtual Reality arcade. You and your kids will love trying out these realistic game settings and exploring new, magical lands without ever leaving the state. VR1 is not just for video games. They have proudly partnered with local schools and the Discovery Center of Idaho to offer educational and training programs in anatomy, history, physics, astrology, and more.

VR1 offers kid friendly content that is perfect for younger kids. They also have "Virtual Reality Tourism" experiences, allowing you and your family to explore famous sites around the world and in outer space!

VR1 is open 3pm-9pm Tuesday through Thursday, 12pm-11pm Friday and Saturday, and 12pm-7pm on Sunday. Prices start at $15 for a 30 minute VR experience. Your time can be shared with up to 4 people. Memberships are also available.

Get more information on VR1, HERE!

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