It's really sad to think about, but a lot of kids don’t even know what real libraries are anymore. The instant convenience of downloading a book to your iPad or Kindle has changed the way people use libraries. There's still something about holding a book in your hand and turning the pages. But, with all of that being said, Boise libraries might be seeing an increase of kids stopping by very soon.

Boise libraries now have their very own virtual reality system, thanks to fundraising and donations. Virtual reality is expected to become a $40 billion to $120 billion industry by the year 2020, according to the Idaho Virtual Reality Council.

You can reserve days and times during the week or drop-in on Wednesday for the library's VR Wednesday. Yesterday was the first day that it was available to the public and a local 7th grader said it beats using a plain controller and looking at a TV. He said, “You actually feel like you’re in it”.

It’s not just being looked at for entertainment either, it could be used as a great educational tool too. Teachers can use it as a way to better explain things and it could really change the way that teachers are able to teach and the way that students can take in what they are learning.

You can sign-up for one of the days or times during the week to give it a try, or make an appointment on the Boise Library's website HERE.

Have you tried any of the new virtual reality systems? I can't wait to check them out!

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